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Friday, August 29, 2008

Multinational Dining at ShoQuan Dining Bar in Odawara

by Keiko Mori

I 'll introduce the multinational dining bar "ShoQuan".
It's located on Shokuan dori (street), near Moriya bakery,
2 minutes walk from Odawara Station East and a
casual and cozy restaurant. When I came in, I noticed
that the interior decorations were Balinese.

On 17th day of August I met my two frriends and went to "shoQuan".
It was the first time for me to visit there.
At first I was surprised that various kinds of dishes were available.
It was difficult to decide what I should eat.

We ordered a course dinner named Takara-Bako(Treasure Box).
Cold and hot hors d'doeuvres and a main dish can be chosen
from the menu in which there are five or six dishes each.
The price is ¥3,500 including bread and dessert.

I chose roast beef and a fresh vegetable salad with thin
sliced cheese for cold dish and vegetable fritters for my hot dish.
The main dish was tuna steak with wasabi soy sauce and mashed potatoes.
The volume was enough. Ten pieces of sliced roast beef were on my plate!!
How wonderful!! Ha, ha!

I was satisfied with my dishes and felt very happy.
Besides there are lots of a la carte menu items from many
countries. Some of the national foods were:
Italian,French,Thai,Vietnamese, and Japanese dishes are available.
That's why it is named multinational dining.

*If you have a restaurant you enjoy in the Odawara area tell
us about it at the Odawara Bulletin Board, and we will
publish your restaurant review here as well.

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